Miracle - a filly
12 June 2013 - Wyoming Dove X Ceruleo's Night Hawk

MIRACLE is a gaited filly. She was born with a premature presentation although she was 350 days in gestation. She had some problems upon her arrival and I had to go to extraordinary lengths to keep her alive. But...she made it! She will never be a perfect little Spanish Mustang. She is missing her right ear and her left ear is not the best looking. You can see her head is a little different and there are still some questions about her development. But she wanted to live and fought hard to make it. I will do my best to give her what she fought so hard for...life. As long as I am here she will never go unwanted or unloved regardless of any disabilities she may have.

Pictures taken at birth 12 June 2013

Pictures taken 14 June 2013
Two days old

She might be available someday
but only to a very special person.