Don Dakotah de la Pradera (Don)
03 April 2008 - Sorpresita X Dakotah Blue

Pictures taken 04 April 2008

That's my 1/2 sister, Alegria Girasol (Allie) on the other side of the fence.

Pictures taken 20-July-2008

Pictures taken 17-July-2010

Don has definative forehead webbing.

Don is an excellent young gelding with excellent conformation and beautiful dark grulla coloring.  He has exceptional primitive dun factors including leg bars, dorsal stripe, withers bar, ear rims, forehead webbing, etc.. He is intelligent, curious, quick to learn and shows a gorgeous extended trot with exceptionally high knee action. He leads, backs, loads in the trailer, stands for the farrier and the vet and can be easily dewormed. He has good basic ground manners all around. He is an excellent prospect for many disciplines.  Don is now under saddle and SHOWS GAIT. We are working to bring that out more. He is quick to learn commands.  His trail work has begun and he is a very quick and intelligent horse. 

Asking only $4,500.00